• Flexibility in equipment and equipment sizes
  • Well trained professional drivers
  • Clean and well maintained equipment
  • Consistency daily routes to your customers
  • Record keeping, logs and statistics necessary to meet government requirements
  • Spare and back up drivers available when the situation arises
  • Eliminates the worries and workload created by the Transportation Laws and Regulations

Pickup and Delivery Services

  • Less than truckload freight specialists
  • Over night service available
  • Expedited service
  • Exclusive use
  • Power liftgate service
  • Distribution and consolidation
  • Pier and air freight facilities served

Technology Investment Keeps us Responsive to your Business Needs

  • Nextel dispatched drivers
  • GPS monitored trucks
  • Online freight database
  • Imaging system document controlledm
  • Microwave office to terminal network link