Time Critical Shipments

    For any time critical shipment please follow these simple instructions:

  • Pick up MUST be called in to an AMA customer service representative and a dispatcher MUST be notified of the critical nature of the shipment.
  • On INBOUND ROUTED SHIPMENTS, the consignee who routes the shipment needs to notify our personnel of this time critical shipment. (Do NOT rely on the shipper to make arrangements as their errant handling will result in the unsuccessful handling of this shipment.) The shipper NEEDS TO mark the Bill of Lading “HOT RUSH – Deliver by AM”. Contact is essential for proper monitoring of shipment.
  • Check with our personnel for applicable service points.
  • Time Critical service charges will be applied in addition to normal pricing.
  • Rural service areas outside major market cities may be assessed at a higher rate than listed.
  • Time critical service should be indicated on the Bill of Lading by stamp or hand written and highlighted. In the event this designation is not indicated but services are requested and performed, the additional T/C charges will be enforced.
  • Your shipment will be monitored from pick up to delivery. We can now notify you, the customer of any delays or problems that exist.
  • This service is subject to normal business conditions. Money back returns will not be applicable on late shipments due to bad weather, state of emergency, war, act of God, or other unusual situations that may prevent the control of normal or prudent operations.

Your communication and compliance of procedures is essential to the successful handling of these shipments.

*Please note – New York and New Jersey points minimum charge is $125.00