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Distribution Services

If your company has intentions to employ a Distribution Agent or is currently engaged in a Pool Distribution Program, please consider the advantages we have to offer:

  • Direct Service – To the majority of the geographical New England region

  • On Time Delivery Ratio – Puts us in a unique market niche that is paralleled by a few competitors

  • Cost Savings – Shippers can benefit by reducing their actual freight budget from 15% to 50%

  • Pricing Programs – Specifically designed to meet customers needs as well as simplifying the rating process.

  • Operating Hours – Inbound delivery can be made twenty four hours a day Monday through Friday

  • Reduced Damages and Freight Loss – One terminal control which has one with direct loading to destination to the majority of our service points

  • Dock Handling

  • Building Security – Alarm systems and a completely fenced and monitored yard

We have a service performance and cost savings program available that can provide you with a service partner that will save you time and money all while helping you establish and maintain your value New England customers.  Call us for detailed information concerning a distribution program suitable for your needs.